Monday, March 17, 2008

Bridgit Mendler E-Mail!

As you probably know, Bridgit Mendler has an e-mail address in which she will respond to fans. One of the readers of this blog sent me an e-mail that Bridgit sent back to her. Here it is:

“...Filming a movie is a lot of hard work, but a ton of fun! It feels like you're in a totally different world. You film the movies by having a great director and crew that have an organized shooting schedule. There are some lines that really don't stick in your head, but usually memorizing lines isn't that hard. No problem! I love answering questions.

Best Wishes,
Bridgit Mendler”

It’s really fun to see what Bridgit thought of filming the Clique movie. By the way, here is Bridgit’s e-mail: (She posted it on her website here.)

A big thanks to "A Clique Fan" for sending this in!


Kitsch said...

What are your thoughts on Bridgit's e-mail? Chat about it here! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hey bridgit i am one of your biggest fans and i was wondering if you could send me a picture i would be the happiest person on the planet

hannah said...

Hey Bridgit,
You do a great job acting and I enjoy watching the shows you act on. If I ever met you I'd probably ask you if you knew Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. God Bless you,

Gavin said...

Hey Brigit I am also a fan. I love watching good luck Charlie. Keep up the hard work

Anonymous said...

I love you Bridgit. Don't stop acting esp. on Good Luck Charlie!!!

Sheri said...

your sooo awesome bridgit lol keep living the dream and you will soon see an email from me lol.

Anonymous said...

I am a BIG fan of your's. I sent you an email. Please write back.

Love, Ella

Anonymous said...

You are my role model and GLC and Lemonade Mouth are the best things to possibly watch!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey bridgit i loveeeeee good luck charlie youre a beast(great) actor keep up the good work and follow you dreams

love, katie

Anonymous said...

I luv watching good luck charlie lol im a bigbig fan ill sent an email!

btrjames9096 said...

Hey Bridgit What's Up Hi I'm Jenny fr San Antonio TX & I'm 15 yrs & I Watch Lemonade Mouth & Goodluck Charlie Its Funny & Your My Fav Actress!

Daisy said...

Hey Bridgit,
I sent you an email hope you reply.I loved your movie Good Luck Charlie Its Christmas.I was so surprised when i heard the BIG News :D

Daisy said...

Hey Bridgit,
I sent you an email hope you reply.I loved your movie Good Luck Charlie Its Christmas.I was so surprised when i heard the BIG News :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Bridgit!!!! I'm ur big #1 fan ever !!!!! You are soooooo beautiful, sweet, and amazin!!!! You are the best actress ever!!!! You rock!!! I hope i can meet you someday. I love GLC and lemonade mouth. Keep up the amazing work!!! Love ya!!!❤❤❤❤������������ P.S. I'm a girl name Vallarie who is going to be 12 in februrary 9th. Love:Vallarie aka Val

Anonymous said...

So cool

Rebecca said...

Dear Bridget,

You are the most talented actress alive!!!!!!!
I am your NUMBER ONE FAN in the whole world I hope I can meet you!!!!!!!! And you have the same favorite food,colors,animal,number as me!!!!!!!!
I luv you and The Secret World Of Arrietty was awesome and in alvin and the chimpmunks the squeakal you played a girl name Becca

Your number one fan,

Anonymous said...

bridgit ur awesome
u have an amazing voice
and ur acting is awesome too
keep it up!!!! :)
please reply to my email

Destiny Toms said...

Hey Bridgit, I have your songs stuck in my head, you are the coolest person I know I love you!!!
Destiny Toms

josh lee said...

hi Bridgit i love GLC its my fav show. tell me when u break up with shane harper cus thats how much i love u my name is josh lee my email is luv ya :D

Anonymous said...

hi bridget i sent you an email but it was regected plz wrire back on email send me a pic of you thanks


Anonymous said...

I hope Bridgit will writ me back because i am her number i fan


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Destiny and I am so inspired by you. I am twelve years old so I am starting to like boys and I had this crush on a guy named Dominic. Yoursongs inspired me to tell him and it turned out he liked me too. I also do sports and people said I couldn'd do it. Your song Postcard inspired me to tell them that even though I was a girl that I could still do it. It turns out that I got first and secind place in all my races. By the way Ido cross country, and track and field. In track I do the 100, 200, 800, 1600, 3200, 400, and hurdles. I was also wondering if you could put on a concert in Victorville, California or Phelan, California. I want you to know that you inspire millions, me. Just know though that the second you think your alone or that no one caresjust remember that there is one person that is there for you, that will stand with you. Me. Please keep making songs. Oh and think about that concert please, and know you have a friend. P.S I go to Quail Valley Middle School the best school in the High Desert.

Sincerly, Destiny Guerra