Friday, April 11, 2008

Bridgit Mendler Video and Cast Member Added!

Bridgit Mendler has posted a new video on her YouTube account. In the video, Bridgit talks about the Clique and how she is in New Orleans right now, helping out. I think it's really great that Bridgit is giving up her time to help others in need =) Anyways, you can watch it right here:

Also, a new member of the Clique cast has been added to IMDB. The actor is Todd Mello and he will be playing "Winning auction bidder". Of course, this means that he will be in the auction scene in the movie. He will be in The Lonely Madien as a Security Guard and will be doing stunts in Shutter Island.

On Lisi Harrison's site there is now a new article in the Media and Events section. The article is an interview with Abigail Breslin in which she says that the Clique is one of her favorite books =) You can read it by going here and then clicking on the TIME magazine cover.

Thanks to Katie, Sam, Natalie, and Savannah for sending info in! =)


Kitsch said...

What do you think about Bridgit's video and the new casting? Chat about it here!

Kelsey said...

If you go to it has stuff about Bridgit Mendler as Pamela. There's also a lot of pictures =]

Kelsey said...

Also, on Alyson Stoners website there are pictures for Alice! Upside Down, and some of them have bridgit in them =]

isie said...

hey the clique movie updates!! im isie and i just wanted to tell u how much i appreciate this blog, i've been coming ont his ste everyday for close to 2 weeks and i really love the updates u have, its so great!! keep up the good work, i hope you continure blogging!!!!

TamZ said...

sophie has new myspace default pic. in the background u can c the eiffel tower. either its the one in france or just a 'remake' one