Thursday, April 3, 2008

Elizabeth In Lisi's Blah-g and New Photo of Samantha!

Lisi Harrison has made her weekly update for her blah-g and it's all about Elizabeth McLaughlin. In this entry, Lisi lists 10 cool facts about Elizabeth and posts two photos of her at a restaurant. About Elizabeth's style, Lisi wrote "Ah-dores vintage. Her favorite era is late 60s early 70s (mine too!). she likes combining hippy clothes with touches of 40s glam." I think it's so cool that she wears vintage. She doesn't seem like Massie-a person who only wears high-end designers. That fact makes her seem a lot more real and nice. =D
I think this other fact is so cute "She thinks of herself as a mix of Claire and Massie because she’s a leader who wears comfortable shoes. " So, go check out the whole article here and look at the photos from the article below.

Oh, and thanks to Sam, Kelsey, TamZ, Debbie and a few anonymous readers for telling me about this blah-g update! =)

Also, Debbie has sent in a new picture of Samantha. Debbie has said that the photo is from Samantha's agency. It is from the same photo shoot as this picture but shows Samantha's whole body and her cute shoes. =D Anyways, here it is:


Kitsch said...

What are your thoughts of Lisi's new Blah-g update and Samantha's photo? Chat about it here! =)

Anonymous said...

i love them

where do you guys always get these pictures?
you guys are ah-mazing

Kitsch said...

Thanks! =D Well, I basically just search the web for pictures and any news on the Clique. I get help from readers too because they send in Clique information that they find.

horselovrgrrrl said...

Oh my god! I have the same brown jacket as Elizabeth! I like the jacket for her but the red turtle neck is a little um.....odd?