Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lisi Updates Blah-g and Two New Photos

Lisi Harrison has made her weekly update to her blah-g but, this time it is about a very serious topic. She has posted about Victoria Lindsay, a teenage girl who was beaten by her "friends" =( This story is so sad and I don't really have anything to say about it other than I really hope that Victoria recovers from this situation. You can read about it here, with Lisi's post. You can also read an article about it here or watch a news report here. There was a video of this violence on YouTube but, it has been removed so, I don't think you can watch the full beating any longer, not that you would want to =(

Anyways, moving onto happier news, Dylan and Elizabeth have updated their main MySpace photos. On Sophie's MySpace, she has said that she is in France. I don't know if it is a joke or something but, if she really is in France I hope she having a fun time =D
Here are those photos of Elizabeth and Dylan:

Thanks to TamZ and Natalie for telling me about Lisi's blah-g! And thanks to Allie and Tamz for telling me about Elizabeth's photos and to Allie also, for telling me about Sophie in France. =D


Kitsch said...

What are thoughts on this new post? Talk about it all here!

Anonymous said...

i got a question how come when i add them on their myspace and i type in their last names and make sure they are spelled correct they still say they are wronge /

Kelsey said...

I found the peeerrrfffeeeccctttt picturee of ellen from her website for the banner if you still want to change it =]

Thats the link to it, i think its awesome =]

Mei said...

Sophie has updated her Myspace picture

Kitsch said...

sbuyce4-I'm not too sure. They might have their last name set as something other than their last name. That way only people who they tell their "last name" can be their friends on MySpace. I'm not positive if that's the case here but that's just something that I heard some people have done before on MySpace.

Kelsey-Thanks, I'm still thinking about what to do about the banner and I'll definitely think about using that picutre =)

Mei-Thanks! I just posted about that =)