Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pick A Poppy Downloads!

Hey! Third update today! Wooo! Haha, anyways, on Pick A Poppy there is now new Clique downloads. There are backgrounds and icons with pictures from The Summer Series. They are all really cute so, check them out here. My favorites, the cute avatars with The Clique on them, are posted below.

Thanks a ton to xxcliquex326 for sending this in =)


Kitsch said...

Have any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

heartheclique said...

Hi, btw awesome website. OKAY remeber how lisi wrote about the Lisi Lovers Club in her blah-g welll the website is

Yasmin Alba said...

I LOOVE ur posts. i thought i should remind u that the ALICIA summer collectiona will be out in stores soon. I think ion three says or something.
Yasmin Alba

juicycouturegirl** said... posted a quiz about the clique books it's very cool i took it and got 100.00% you should post it in a blog of yous

Anonymous said...

EMAGAWD So i was at the bookstore on saturday and Alicia is out! im already done reading it! I wont spoil it but its really good

TamZ said...

found some mayb new info about clique movie- (on wikipedia)
* Clique Girlz will be singing "Here With Me Now" in Claire's makeover scene
* Keli Price starred in The Naked Brothers Band: Battle of the Bands as a bad boy.

TamZ said...

idk if this is true but IMDb has a synopsis for the movie-

When new girl Claire Lyons moves to Westchester from Orlando, she immediately finds out that fitting in is going to be a lot harder than she thought it would be. Claire isn't exactly a rich girl with designer duds and expensive shoes or handbags...but unfortunately, every other girl at the prestegious Octavian County Day School is. What's worse is that Massie Block, the most popular girl at OCD is out to make Claire's life miserable... and it doesnt help that Claire is living in her guest house. Massie and her friends Alicia Rivera, Kristen Gregory, and Dylan Marvil, will do whatever it takes to destroy Claire. They don't realize, however, is that Claire won't take all their tormenting lying down, and when she finally has enough, Massie just might lose her throne at OCD.

Kitsch said...

HeartTheClique- No problem, I posted the link up for you. It's a really cool idea for a club =)

Yasim Alba- Thanks =) Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about ALICIA, haha. I actually posted a poll about your predictions for it. Go vote in it! (It's on the sidebar)

JuicyCoutureGirl**- Cool, thanks =)

Anonymous-Wow! That's really cool! Some bookstores, like yours, release books early but all the ones near me release books on the exact date =P I wish I could read ALICIA early but, I guess I'll have to wait till June 5. Haha. =)

TamZ-Yep, Lisi mentioned that the Clique Girlz are going to be singing that in her blah-g a little while ago. And, yeah, I knew about Keli Price in Naked Brothers Band. I hope he doesn't look like that in the movie though =P That'd just be weird.
That thing you found on IMDB is just like, a summary of the book. It wasn't made by anyone with the movie, it's just a fan made thing. It's cool to read though =)