Thursday, June 12, 2008

Elizabeth McLaughlin Interview!

Hey, Layla from Elizabeth McLaughlin Fans has informed me that she will be having an interview with Elizabeth! She has asked for fans to send in questions to ask Elizabeth. You can send in a question by emailing at this address: or you could probably just post a comment in the site's Guestbook. I'll update you later when the interview is done! =)


Kitsch said...

Have any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

Yasmin Alba said...

do u no if she is gonna do an interview 4 all the girls???

misty.lyn said...

i have a question. What was the hardest part about playing Massie?

Kitsch said...

Yasmin Alba-Probably not, since Layla just has fansites for Elizabeth and Samantha right now =)

Misty.lyn- I'm not the one doing the interview. But, I'll be sure to forward your question to Layla, who is doing the interview =)

Yasmin Alba said...

o...i hope she gets more fansites and more interviews!!!
thx 4 answering!
did u send a question?

Anonymous said...

the new movie bridgit mendler is in is up on IMDB. she's in this movie labor pains with lindsay lohan. looks cool!

Kitsch said...

Yasmin Alba- No, not yet. I'll probably send one in soon though =)

Anonymous- Thanks! =)

Yasmin Alba said...

she's gonna b in a movie wit lins-lo????
THX Kitsch.

Anonymous said...

yeah, bridget's in Labor Pains. i found this picture from on set

Blaire said...

Hey kitsch! I see u added my clique site 2 ur affiliates! And i did the same 4 u!!! thnx 4 the awesome info, as always, ttfn!
XOXO Buh-Laire :)

Kitsch said...

Yasmin Alba-Yeah, it's very cool that she's going to be in a movie with such a big star =)

Anonymous-Thanks for the picture! I used the same one from another site, just because it was bigger. =)

Blaire-Thanks for linking me back =)