Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clique Movie Site

Check out the Clique Movie site at http://www.thecliquemovie.com/. Lots of great things to check out!


Yasmin Alba said...

oooo, thx 4 the site. again, i am SOOOO happy ur back!

danielle said...

I didnt join the site, but I always check in on it for the Updates section. I love the "Up Close with Massie Block" update, because it came with tons of on-set pictures of Elizabeth McLaughlin as Massie Block! Now I'm even MORE excited for the movie!! =D

Anonymous said...

thank you sooo much for updating your blog, i've been waiting for soo long, and the movie site is awsome. your updates and later blog, it has helped me to find soo much info about the clique movie, thanks again.
P.S. do you know how to look at the month of massie, dylan, and alicia on join the clique.com, even though that month has passed. and how do you vote for cam and derrington. also you should go on massieblocksofficialsite.piczo.com. it to is awsome. I HEART YOU :)

Clara said...

lisi updated her blog!

Massie Block said...

Heyyy! Massie here! Just wanted to tell you about my awesome new website!! You will Ah-dore it! it is at http://www.freewebs.com/jointhecliqueonline
So go quick and check it out! be sure to sign the guest book! Very cool updates are coming SOON so bookmark us and keep checking in to see the latest news and maybe even earn some gossip poins while you're at it! and you can even watch as Alicia, Claire, Dylan, Kristen and I all IM right here on my our site for everyone to see! :D So come check us out today!! & dont be an LBR and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

Clara said...

Alice upside down comes out tues!

Allie said...

Just to let you know...a new character was added to the imdb account thing.

xxcliquex326 said...

If you scroll down to the clique section ( 3rd section ) there are some pictures of the cast. It also shows a picture of Mr. Block and if you look closely at the picture of Layne, the school buses say Octavian.

Clara said...

lisi updated her blog it is called csi (claire scene investigation)

candycorn811 said...

the site looks really cool!

PS: I was reading teen vogue (the september issue) an on page 42 there's a little blurb about the clique movie with a picture of them walking down the hallway

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your site! I also love the clique series. I have blog too! You should check it out. It is http://theultimateteenblog.blogspot.com it is not the ultimate blog, but I am trying. It is a new blog.

Clara said...

jointheclique.com has updated its site 2 claire!!!

The Pretty Committee said...

Massie Block, here!

Ehmagawd, I am practically shouting the good news! The Pretty Committee has just opened this fabulous blog to keep in touch with not only OCD students, but all of our ah-doring fans.

I, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, and Claire Lyons will be writing about anything and everything that has to do with:

-Fashion & Beauty Trends
-Whats IN and OUT
-Our lives
-And much, much more.


So do nawt miss this! Come and check it out, unless you want to be an LBR.


& The Pretty Committee ♥

Clara said...

hey i was looking through tha target add this week ( today is the 23 or aug) and i noticed that the model in the blue and white checkered dress is samantha!!!!! just thought id let u all no

Anonymous said...

are you gonna start the site up again?