Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Preorder the Clique Movie!

You can preorder the Clique Movie on Amazon - see the link in the left column.


Lauren said...

Finally you've updated!
Ok so you should read Lisi Harrison's latest blog because she said that there is a second clique movie trailer and I saw it. It is amazing times 10! You have t post it on your site!

There is also the soundtrack to the movie that's coming out soon.

Another version of The Clique book has been released already and it has pics from the movie, but the book itself is written the same.

lol you have a lot of Clique news that you need to update on :)

anne's clique updates said...

cool b sure to check out my blog too!!! would it be ok if i could b an affiliate??

Anonymous said...

I just got the dvd today for a cheaper price than $18.

Anonymous said...

heyy could u try to figure out when auditions for best friends for never will be???

Clara said...

Okay so what am I working on now you ask??? It’s major. I’l tell you that much. It’s hardcover. It will be out at the end of next year. Aaaaand it’s a Clique prequel. All about the magical and special night that the Pretty Committee met. And yes, Claire will be represented even though she didn’t technically meet the Pretty Committee until they were already established. How is that possible? Oh it is my friends. It is. And it just may be my favorite Clique book ever. I have a title but I’m waiting for my editor to give it the okay before I spill. I should have that by next week so stay tuned. And of course I’ll be giving you little bits of info as I write. I love doing that. I also love telling people what I bought them for their birthdays because I get so excited I can’t hold back. So prepare to get some juicy info over the next few months because this bucket is gonna leak. :)

from lisi's blog OMG!!!!!