Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blah-g Updates, Good Luck Charlie, and Alpha Website!

Hey! Like always, Lisi Harrison updated her blah-g this Wednesday. In this post, Lisi posted a part of a chapter in her new book, Alphas! It's really cool so check it out here :)
Alphas comes out today and you can order it on Amazon by using the link below. Also, Lisi posted an extra blah-g today about how someone got the book early here!

Today, Bridgit posted on her twitter that today was her first day on Good Luck Charlie! So, "Good Luck Bridgit!" and congrats again on this oppurtunity! :)

Theres a new site for the Alphas series! Check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

here is a story that is about lisi and Alpha's...