Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Clique on Entertainment Tonight!

Lisi Harrison has updated her blah-g about the Clique cast appearing on Entertainment Tonight. Lisi stated that "Word is they will show Tyra and the cast this Friday"but she said that she is waiting for confirmation about this. It is very exciting that we'll get to see the cast and watch some interviews this early! As I said before, when it comes on I'll try to record it and post it on YouTube. But, if YouTube takes it down because of copyright issues, then I'll try to find a link to it. =) Anyways, on Lisi's blah-g she also posted a photo of her and Dylan, who will be playing Todd. It is a really dark photo and hard to make out but since I have Photoshop, I just put it on there and lightened it up a bit. With my lightened up picture, you can clearly see them both. Also, in the background there is a table with a lot of books and a woman leaning over it. I am pretty sure that is the classroom that the cast of the Clique study in every day. Anyways, here is the photo:


Kitsch said...

Are you excited about the cast of the Clique appearing on Entertainment Tonight this Friday? Chat about it here!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited about it! I just read Lisi's Blah-g and then I went on some other website that you had put up your website on. Really Cool! I have a blog (not about the clique) BUT my website has tons of Clique info on it!! Check it out!!