Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Picture of Samantha and Dylan!

Sorry I haven't updated in while everyone! I got stuck with tons of homework the last few days and didn't really have much time to look for Clique news. =( Anyways, today when I was looking to see if any of the girls had a MySpace, I found Samantha Boscarino's page(she will be playing Alicia). It's set to private but I'm sure that it is Samantha's because it says she is in Rhode Island and there is a photo of her and Dylan(Todd in the Clique movie). Here is the link to her MySpace but, when you visit it please respect Samantha's privacy. You can send her a friend request but if she denies it, don't keep on requesting and annoying her. =) Anyways, here is that really cute photo of Samantha and Dylan:


Kitsch said...

What do you think of this new photo? Are Samantha and Dylan starting too look like Alicia and Todd to you? Post your thoughts here! =)

ACT said...

"Entertainment Two-Night
February 27th, 2008

Hey there,It’s Wednesday again and time for another Blah-g. The only problem is I have to save all of my juicy movie gossip and photos for next week. Why? Because Entertainment Tonight wants to break the story in two nights. And who am I to argue? TV shows trump websites. It’s sad but true. Word is they will show Tyra and the cast this Friday. I am waiting for confirmation and will post it as soon as I know for sure so check back tomorrow. I think last week’s Awards had a lot to do with the delay. BTW- Hands up if you think they need to change the Oscar’s format. Suh-nooooooozer. I want outfits, speeches and tears in under two hours. Maybe the people at Mac can figure out how to make that happen. They seem to know how to do everything else. :)I will, however introduce you to the actor who plays Todd. I AH-DORE him!!! His name is Dylan (confusing!) and he’s so cute and funny and the girls in the cast luv him times fifty. Sorry about the picture quality. Like I said, this is a website. If you want to see the pretty, well lit stuff tune into ET. I’ll let you know when as soon as my studio BFF spills. Stay ah-mazing! lisianddylantodd.jpg"

-lisi harrison on her cite!!!:)

Talia said...

yo Clique Luvvers!!!! anything goin on?

Kitsch said...

Thanks for the tip, act! I'm going to post that news in just a few minutes! =)