Thursday, February 21, 2008

Juliana Cast As....Someone?

Okay, so do you all remember the Sugarloot contest to win a part in the Clique movie? Well, Juliana is the grand prize winner! Lisi Harrison posted in the Clique Movie section of her site saying that Juliana will be "running lines with the cast of The Clique Movie". So congrats to Juliana for winning the part but nobody knows who she will play in the movie. Some think Juliana will just be an extra while others believe she'll be Olivia. But whenever I learn what part she gets, I'll be sure to post it here. =) Also, congratulations to the other contest winners as they will be on the DVD in the "Special Features". In her post, Lisi also revealed that Tyra Banks is the Executive Producer for the Clique movie and that the DVD will be available sometime at the end of 2008! She reported that in February they will begin shooting on the east coast. You can read the full post right here.

This is a photo of all the winners of the Clique Movie Contest. Juliana is the one farthest to the right.


Kitsch said...

What role do you think Juliana will get in the Clique movie? Post your ideas here!

Anonymous said...

Do you know where in the east coast they'll be filming? Like the city?

Kitsch said...

They are filming in different cities in Rhode Island. As a matter of fact, I just put up a post about them filming at URI. Go check it out! =)