Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lisi Harrison Reveals Clique Movie Secrets!

On her "Blah-g", Lisi Harrison has been writing all about the Clique movie. In a recent post she gave a lot of exciting details about the new movie. Here are some of the juicy details about the Clique Movie:
-The design staff of the Clique movie has been tailoring designer clothing for all the members of the Clique, as really expensive desginers never make teen sizes.
-Massie's mannequin will be in a white armoire for the movie. Lisi posted a picture that I have displayed below.
-The actress portraying the members of the Pretty Committee are getting along really well, they even went to the director's home and TP'ed it together!
-When the girls have to wait out in the cold between their takes, they get to put on these warming jackets that are pink, puffy, and really long.
-The dog, Dewey, who is playing Bean is really a boy! Talk about commiting to a role! Apparently, Dewey is even going a diet for this movie. =D
-Todd and the members of the clique are still kids so every day for three hours, they all go into the Block Estate's cellar for "school". Lisi reports that the teacher is keeping them busy with studying but they actually get to eat popcorn during class.
The biggest news that Lisi shares is that Entertaiment Tonight will be doing an interview with the Pretty Committee and Tyra! Lisi promises to share the date the interview will air as soon as she can. When it comes on I'll attempt to record it for you guys and give a link to it on YouTube. It is definitely going to be something that you don't want to miss! Here is the link to the full post by Lisi.
Anyways, here's a picture of Massie's mannequin:

Here's a picture of Lisi and Dewey/Bean:


Kitsch said...

What do you think of all these new updates? Talk about everything to do with the Clique movie here!

Anonymous said...

what black and white blazer is the main character wearing? i love it!