Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lisi Updates Blah-g About Massie-Summer Series!

Lisi Harrison has made her weekly Blah-g update today! In this post, Lisi reminds us all that Massie, the first novel in the Summer Series, will come out on April 1st. She also gives seven questions about this story that will be answered when we read Massie-Summer Series. The questions include "What is the worst punishment her parents could possibly give her? ", "What is a purple hair streak and why does Massie want one so badly?" and many more. Also, at the bottom, Lisi posts two possible photos for the back of her book. I personally like both of them =) Here are those two pictures:


Kitsch said...

What do you think the answers to Lisi's questions are? Post your ideas here!

Anonymous said...

hey! just so you know... sophie has updated her myspace default picture!

HANNA said...

what r all their myspaces?

CliqueLoverrr said...

heey! Here's my post! ;)

I loooove lisi's blog + i have no idea to the questions! Well some, but I want to read about them, not guess (cuz i'm probably wrong!). I'm so excited to see what Massie's punishments gunna be, cuz she never gets in trouble!! Of course, I can't wait till we get the answers to the other q's, too! :) And both pictures are really nice!


but we'll get the answers soon, yay!!!