Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Clique Article and New Photos!

Sara, a Clique fan, has sent in an article about the Clique movie that has been posted on Lisi Harrison's site. In the article, it talks about the Clique movie being produced and how excited the creators are "to see the books come to life". There is also a photo to side of the article of the Pretty Committee walking down what appears to be OCD's hallway. I love the photo-the girls look so powerful, like they own OCD or something. =) Here is the link to the articleand here is the photo:

From left to right: Samantha, Sophie, Elizabeth, and Bridgit

TamZ sent in another photo of the Clique cast from MySpace and a larger version of one that was already posted. The girls look like they are all having a fun time and look like they all really like each other. =) Here they are, with words in italics by TamZ:Probably a 'get together' or something- Sam, Ellen, Bridgit
On Sam's myspace, she wrote "Ellen's Surprise" on the bottom, so it was probably to celebrate something about her (birthday maybe?)

Also, Hanna has sent in a video of Samantha on a HSM 2 Contest Promo. It is very quick but I'm pretty sure that it is Sam. Here is that video:

Thanks again to everyone who sent in news! It is really nice and helps me out a lot =D


Kitsch said...

What do you think about the new photos and the video of Samantha?

Anonymous said...

The new photos show a lot about how the girls and how much they have bonded!! The video of Samantha was very short, but it was still a video!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod. Seriously? Are they for real? That is nooottt how i pictured OCD or TPC. I mean they are wearing so many clothes! I thought they were all about style, they look like they are about to go to the arctic circle or something with all of those coats and layers. And that school doesnt look like i imagined.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is the cutest thing!!! Love it, i cant wait for this movie - I really wanna see how it turns out!


CliqueLoverrr said...


Okay, firstly, I just wanted to say thank you SOOO much for doing all this for us, Clique Lovers ! I come on here regularly, but I've never commented.. :( But I will from now on for EVERY entry you have, because I'm sure tooons of people come on and don't comment, but you deserve hundreds of comments for all your hard work! So thanks and thanks! =) Like, really! It must take you awhile - but a true dedicated clique lover ! ;)

Anyways, after that, I looove the pictures! The picture of all four of them (from the link) is super duper awesome cuz you can see the costumes which are really gorgeous! :) love `em! And I love the other pictures of course, it's awesome that it looks like they'll get along - it'll create good chemistry on screen! =) I hope pictures of Layne and Chris Abeley pop up, cuz I'm interested in seeing what they look like (other than imdb pics! :P ) And I like the vid as well, even though it's short!

=) Thanks again!!

Ps. Oh, I'm sure you'll post it soon, buuut Lisi has a new blog about the upcoming Massie Book! :) Wooot 5 more days!!!!!!

Kitsch said...

Thanks so much CliqueLoverrr! I'm glad you like this blog. =) And yeah, it takes a little while to do but, it's fun and totally worth it =D

Natalie said...

Sam is in a commercial promoting a contest for HSM2? now I know it's going to be totally disney.

luvvclique said...

hi!im new and i just got noted of the clique series.anyways,right when i started the series,i got hooked!i've been checking out this site for a while,too,but i never commented becuz i thought u needed a blogger or google user like other blogspots,to comment.but u dont need one,so now im going to comment when i can!
anyways,i loved the pics.the "clique" really DO look powerful,and i cant wait to see the movie!i like all the actresses that got the parts,and i hope they can act out the book well!!they also seem to get along great,and i hope they have a fun time filming!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i love everything. u guys are going along great!!! so glad there no catfights on set! Just one thing. absolutely WHO is your costume designer for this movie??? if u guys are gonna wear what you wore in that photo, i'm gonna march to that set and make the clothes myself.