Monday, March 24, 2008

Videos of Sophie and Brigit!

One of the readers of this blog, Caleigh, sent in a clip of Sophie on Zoey 101. The video isn't very clear but I'm pretty sure it is Sophie. Especially since on IMDB, it says Sophie appeared on Zoey 101. =) She is one of the girls outside the window at around 42-45 seconds and 48-50 seconds. Here it is:

"A Clique Fan" sent in a video of Bridgit on General Hospital on September 11, 2006. So, it was a little while ago but Bridgit's acting is still very good =) Here is that clip:

Also, A Clique Fan has informed me who Shelby is! The description for her character is "This popular eighth grade girl at school asks Massie why she wasn't at her party over the weekend and later compliments Claire on her cool top" I had actually posted that a while ago but completely forgot about it. =P So, thanks for sending things in Caleigh and "A Clique Fan"! =D


Kitsch said...

What do you think about the videos with Sophie and Bridgit? Chat about it right here!

Anonymous said...

i'm the girl who sent the comment about shelby, my name's Shana :]

sophie's video-- not much face time with her, but still, it's a video of her!

bridgit- she's a good actor!! i loved the video and am looking forward to have her play massie

HANNA said...

this a a video of Samantha is an HSM2 commercial. Its short but its something: