Monday, April 21, 2008

Bridgit Mendler Blog Update and New Dylan Picture!

Bridgit Mendler has finally updated her blog again! In this blog Bridgit updates us on all of the things that she has been doing lately and writes that she really loved working on the Clique Movie. Here's a quote from her blog:
"I finished filming The Clique Movie about a month and a half ago. It was the most amazing and fun and fantastic and different experience of my life! All of the girls were so sweet and I miss them so much!"
She also includes a new photo of her and the PC, which you can look at below. So, be sure to go check out the blog!

Elizabeth, Samantha, Bridgit, and Sophie

Also, Dylan has updated his main MySpace photo once again. He sure likes to post pictures =P Here's the photo, which Dylan probably had fun editing:

Thanks to Lynda and an anonymous reader for sending news in =)


Kitsch said...

What are you opinions about this post? Talk about it here!

Anonymous said...

why is "massie" dressed that way?, everyone else is very elegant, i dont remeber that from the book..

maybe she isnt in costume

CliqueLoverrr said...

Cute update from Bridgit! :) I'm glad they had fun, it seems ! And, I loooove the picture, LOVEEEE the clothes - looks like the dresses from the ET segment ! cuttttteeee! haha.

and cute picture of Dylan, hah, looks like a MacBook pic (I love those !).

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

dylan didn't edit the pic
it comes on macs as an effect

Kitsch said...

Anonymous- Yeah, Elizabeth was probably out of costume. Or, she could be dressed that way in costume because she wanted to impress Chris Abeley or something like that. But, I don't know, it's just a guess =)

Cliqueloverr and Anonymous- Oh, cool =) I don't have a Mac so I didn't know. =P

molly said...

is there going to be a second clique movie???

cuz i lllluuuuvvvvdddd the first one