Monday, April 21, 2008

Clique Article and Samantha Interview!

Layla, a reader, has found an article all about the Clique movie. The article is from March but I have never seen it before and thought you guys would be interested in seeing it! =) It is from Pawtucket Times and is about how the Clique was filmed in Rhode Island. Here's an interesting quote from the article:
According to Levine, typical work days have run from 5 a.m. to about 10 p.m. The good news: Crew and cast took the weekends (and Presidents’ Day) off.
“Because of the union, and all the leads under age 18, they have shorter workdays,” he said. “The girls can only work for 10 hours a day, and they also have to go to school a certain amount of time each day -- three hours -- so we have a tutor on the set.

You can go check out the full article right here. Thanks again to Layla for sending this in =)

Also, Samantha Boscarino Fan will be having an interview with Samantha Boscarino very soon! So, Layla, the webmaster is asking for everyone with a question for Samantha to send it in! You can e-mail Layla with questions at


Kitsch said...

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Sami said...

hey, you might already know this,but sophie has updated her myspace photo.

CliqueLoverrr said...

Cute little article ! :) Seems like a lot of work (but fun, I'm sure!) i'm so excited for the movie!

Can't wait for the interview, I don't know much about Samantha (as with the rest of the cast) so that'll be good !:) hmm, i'll have to think of q's.

Thanks again for all your hard work.:D

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ellen changed her myspace photo.

♥Lauren♥ said...

sophie also updated her myspace photo

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lisi updated her blog!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks a ton everyone! =D