Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Couple Of Photos And The Clique Gallery!

I am happy to announce that there is now a Clique Updates Gallery! I set up a Flickr account and uploaded pictures of the Clique so that you guys can view them easily. Also, I put notes on each picture so that you don't have to figure out who is who in every photo. =) Go right here to check it out and be sure to comment on the pictures! =D

Layla has sent in a new picture of Elizabeth Gillies, who will be playing Shelby in The Clique. If you don't remember Shelby is, here is her description:
This popular eighth grade girl at school asks Massie why she wasn't at her party over the weekend and later compliments Claire on her cool top.
Elizabeth is the second girl over on the left in this photo taken from an article:
Also, Kayla sent me a photo of Bridgit Mendler on the Nintendo game, "Master Chef". On her website Bridgit had posted a photo from the photo shoot but, this is the actual cover of the game. Check it out right here:As TamZ. Abby, and anonymous have told me, Ellen has updated her main MySpace photo. It is from the same photo shoot for her head shot but, is a little different. Here it is:
Thanks so much to everyone who sent in information! And thank you to Sammy for a correction! =D


Kitsch said...

Any thoughts or ideas about this post? Talk about it here! =)

Anonymous said...

love ellens photo

too cute~!

Sammy said...

Doesn't that article say that Elizabeth is the second girl over from the left?

Kitsch said...

Sammy-Oh, yeah! Thanks, I didn't even realize that but, it's changed now =)

Katie said...

HI!!! I loved the movie, but can u email me a picture of Elizabeth Gillies? (on the movie)

Thanks SO much!!! :)