Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lisi Harrison Blah-g Updates!

Lisi Harrison has posted another Blah-g update with "Random Acts of Gossip". In the post, Lisi quickly talks about MASSIE, her last post,, and book signings in CA. Then, Lisi answers 10 questions sent in by Jubliee. The questions are a little odd, like "When you pass (which is like, a long time away since your like, 18) who will you let carry on the Clique series?" but it's still fun to see Lisi's responses =) Her response to that last question was "OKAY, THIS QUESTION CRACKED ME UP. I AM HOPING TO AVOID “PASSING” FOR AT LEAST 60 YEARS. IF YOU GUYS ARE STILL INTO THE CLIQUE BY THEN I WILL MAKE ARRANGEMENTS IN MY WILL FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE OVER. PINKY SWEAR." So, check out that post right here. =D

After that update, Lisi put up another short post. In the post, she announces the MASSIE has topped Bratfest on the bestseller list. =D She also corrects a mistake that she made in the last post .To read that post go here.


Kitsch said...

What do you think of Lisi's updates? Talk about it here!

Anonymous said...

I loved her responses LOL!! she rocks!

thanx 4 the update kitsch!! ur blog rockssss

Anonymous said...

That was a great blog on Lisi's site!

Also thanx fur posting all this stuff i love reading it! cool new banner!!

TamZ said...

note: "todd lyons" and "dylan marvil" have updated their myspace default pics

Kitsch said...

Thanks a ton you guys! =D

CliqueLoverrr said...

i loved that blog!! i hope her next week's is like that! :D

thanks for updating us - i love your site!