Friday, April 18, 2008

New Pictures of Sophie and Dylan!

Hey everyone! =) Once again, Sophie Everhard has updated her main MySpace photo. This time Sophie is behind a statue of a girl. Cliqueloverr has told me that the statue is in France so, this picture must be from Sophie's recent trip to France =) Check it out below:

Dylan Minette has also updated his main MySpace picture. In his photo, Dylan is taking a picture of himself in the mirror. Here it is:

Thanks a ton to TamZ and Abby for sending this in! =D


Kitsch said...

What do you think about these two new pictures? Post your thoughts here!

CliqueLoverrr said...

aww, those are cuuuute photos! :P

and the first one (this is kind of irrelevent, but anyyyywayyyyysss) of Sophie is in Paris (i went there and saw that statue) so I guess she must have taken a trip to france recently, maybe ? hmm, well it's cute! haha thanks!

Cathleen said...

they have listed a new cast member on imbd. the winning auction bidder. doesnt sound like that much of an important part in the movie but i thought you would like to know! i love the pictures i think that samantha boscarino is soo pretty (well they all are) what do you think?

cece said...

omgoodnessss that is little dancer of 14 years by edgar degas :):) so def in france hahah sorry j'adore degas ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd ! Dylan Minnette is so cute ! I wonder how old he is? If anyone know please post the comment!