Friday, May 16, 2008

Articles on Elizabeth, New Pictures, and A Release Date!

Kelsey has sent in an article from ZoomInfo on Elizabeth McLaughlin! It is a short interview with Elizabeth when was just 10 years old about her performing with Entertainment Revenue. Go here to check out the article. =) You can also go here to a read a few more articles about her. (Just to let you know, the second article is about a different Elizabeth.)

Also sent in by Kelsey is a news release from Kay Studios. In this document, there is some information about the Clique and a few photos. Here a few quotes about news on the Clique movie!:
...THE CLIQUE, the first of what could be several (as many as twelve) of Lisi Harrison’s best selling novels in Rhode Island...

With Warner Premiere distributing and Alloy Ente
rtainment as the producing partner, THE CLIQUE, will go directly to DVD with a “street date” (translate release date) of November 11, 2008, just in time for lucrative Christmas sales according to one of THE CLIQUE’s producers, Alloy Entertainment’s Bob Levy, Executive Vice President of Film and Television Development and Production.

So, there it is! The Clique will be released on November 11, 2008 and there could be up to 12 Clique movies total! Now, here are the Clique photos from the article:
Ellen and Michael Lembeck

Thanks a ton to Kelsey for sending this stuff in!


Kitsch said...

Have any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

maclargen said...

Ellen has another video!! she doesnt have a solo but her chior is singing it and i think it it very cool being in accapella

kelsey said...

Ik this is one of your Affiliates, but Samantha Boscarino Fan has updated the photos of Sam, and here is the link, sorry if you already knew this by the way!!

i also found this really cute pic of ellen marlow a few years it is-----

ha ha sorry i keep sending in more stuff ..your probably getting sick of me ;]

but i get bored quite often so i look up stuff about the clique movie and the stars of the movie!

kelsey said...

I found a lot of cute pics of sam

here they are ..she will be a great Alicia!

***some of them are of My Allowance, but the pics of Sam are still cute!

Kitsch said...

Thanks maclargen =)

Haha, it's fine Kelsey-I'm not sick of you. Thanks for the picture of Ellen. =) Yeah, I know about the pictures on Samantha's fansite but, thanks for sending it in anyways =)
I can't see the pictures of Samantha though, I don't have a MySpace account =/