Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photos and Video With Ellen!

Abby and Kelsey have sent in two photos of Ellen from when she was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway. One is at a red carpet event and the other was taken with a fan and found on Photobucket. Anyways, here are the photos:

(I cropped out the fan for their privacy)

Also, maclargen has sent in another video from the choir show Ellen was in. This song is "Under The Sea" and is performed by a choir. Ellen has no solos in it but, you can see her in parts of the video. She is in the third group from the left. =) Check it out here or below:

Thanks again to everyone who sent in things!


Kitsch said...

Have any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

Clara said...

Hi, i have a question.
[(not about this topic though])

Is every movie gonna be 1 book?
or every 2 books or something like that?

And is there gonna be a Summer movie for each one of them?

Anonymous said...

do u know when a preview will come out for the movie?

Anonymous said...

Well, just so you know, it wasn't a talent show, it's just a choir show.

Source: Myself, because I go to John Muir.

danielle said...

nice pics!i didnt check the vids yet,but i will soon:im just so busy!
anyways,sophie has a new myspace pic.she seems to like updating it,too!its of her and someone else making monkey faces with a monkey blanket.its cute,so check it out! =D

xxcliquex326 said...

Sophie updated her myspace picutre

technosunshine said...



I am in that video "Under the Sea"

I was in choir with ellen last year in middle school

she got all of the solos

she is pretty amazing

I hate those old ugly disco ball choir dresses

If you think that choir is good checkout JBHS One of the two award winning high schools in Burbank.


hey i don't know if you've seen this already but here is a video about the clique movie, it's mostly tyra banks talking but there are some parts with the cast too!

Emma said...

Hey, Ellen is in yet ANOTHER video from the pop show. She is in "I won't say i'm in Love" about a minute into it. Here's the link: She's REALLY good in this one.

Anonymous said...

who is she playing again? cool blog!

Kitsch said...

Wow! A lot of comments... =P

Clara-The first movie is just about the first book, The Clique. They might do more movies but, it all depends on how well The Clique does. I'm not sure about how they will group the books if they do more though.

Anonymous(1)-Sorry, I have no idea. Hopefully soon! =)

Anonymous(2)-Oh, okay. Thanks for the correction. I was just guessing because all the description said was VMA Pop Show. But, thanks. =)

Danielle-Cool, thanks for telling me =)

xxcliquex326-Thanks =)

technosunshine- Haha, really? That's pretty cool =) And those dresses aren't that bad. I used to dance and one time I had to wear a black unitard with orange fringe all over the torso. It was hideous =P Haha

Emily<3-Yep, I've seen that-it's one of my favorites on YouTube. =) Thanks for telling me anyways.

Emma-Oh, yeah. I posted that video a few days ago. Ellen is pretty much amazing in that video-she's a really good singer. =)

Anonymous(3)-Thanks =) And Ellen is going to be playing Claire in The Clique movie.