Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bridgit's Blog and Lisi's Blah-g!

Hey! So sorry I didn't update yesterday but, I was busy unpacking from my trip. But, I'm only a day late, which isn't too bad. Haha. Anyways, here is some The Clique news:

Bridgit Mendler has updated her blog about working on Labor Pains, summertime, and how she had to cancel a trip to Africa with her aunt and uncle. Here's a quick quote about what Bridigt has been up to lately:
It’s finally summer! That means trips to the beach with friends, catching up on hobbies there wasn’t time for during the year, and in general just having a great time. So far I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had the amazing opportunity of working beside high level actors in my latest film, Labor Pains, and I’ve taken the time to finish Driver’s Ed. Hopefully I’ll have my permit next week!
Sounds like she's been having fun! You can read the full update right here. Also on Bridgit's blog, she posted a picture of The Clique cast, Lisi Harrison, and Tyra Banks. You can see that picture right here:
Remember the auction of The Clique props from before? Well, Lauren has sent in some closeups of those pictures. The first two were sent in by her and the rest were cropped by me. Here they are:

Last Wednesday, Lisi updated her blah-g with a really cool quiz about which Clique character you are. I took the quiz and I turned out to be a Kristen. You can take the quiz yourself right here. Be sure to post what your result on the quiz in the comment section!

Also, I have added a new affiliate to this site. It is called Smitten By The Clique and you can visit it right here.

Thanks a ton to Lauren, Vanessa, Sara, Anonymous, and Katelyn for sending in information for this post! =)


Kitsch said...

Have any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

Danielle said...

Welcome back!Love the new post.I really like the first pic from Bridgit's blog.I took the quiz and I'm Alicia!

Anonymous said...

im an alicia too haha evn though im totally flat,,but whatevs...

Nora said...

I'm so glad you're back! =D I know that sounds kinda stalker-ish...haha.

Kitsch said...

Thanks Danielle and Nora! I'm glad to be back too. =)

Thanks for commenting everyone!

Allison said...

Thank you for adding me as your affailate (i don't really know how to spell that!) Anyway, I have changed my title (sorry) to Allison Kate Harrington. I have also changed the direction of my site almost completly. Don't worry, though, I am still strictly clique related. Anyway, I will have you as a link on my site by tomorrow (June 28).

<3 Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I was invited to the Tyra show and I met the clique cast and lisi backstage, but only for like 5 seconds! i talked to the dylan book cover model, but I never got to find out her real name. she was soo sweet!