Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Judy Lyons Cast And PG Rating!

Hey! Sorry for making two posts a few minutes after each other but, I just found out from IMDB who will be playing the role of Judy Lyons and the rating for The Clique! Judy Lyons will be played by the actress Elizabeth Keifer. Keifer has acted many times on shows such as Valerie, Law and Order, and Days of Our Lives. She also plays the role of Blake Marler on Guiding Light! I think with all that experience, Keifer will be great in The Clique =) Here are a few pictures of her from Soap Opera Digest:Also, I found out from IMDB that The Clique is rated PG. It was rated PG beacause of "thematic material, rude behavior and language". I'm glad that it got a PG rating, that way we know it won't be too much of a "kiddie movie" but it still won't be too mature for all of The Clique fans to enjoy it =)


Kitsch said...

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Anonymous said...

PG means that its appropriate right?