Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Clique Novella For Fall 2009!

Lisi Harrison is writing a novella (a book that's shorter than a novel) about the Pretty Committee partying during the holidays! The novella will be called Silent Night, Holy Fight. It's expected to be released sometime during Fall 2009. I can't wait to read it, it seems like it will be great! Look here under "Little, Brown/Poppy" to read more! Feel free to chat about this novella in the comments :)


Yasmin Alba said...

i dont understand the link though. i clicked on it but i couldnt find anything about the novel. i believe you, but i just want to know more about it and i can't...:(

Kitsch said...

I know, the site I found is really long, so its kinda confusing. Just keep scrolling down until you see the words "LITTLE, BROWN/POPPY" in red. Underneath that, it mentions the new Clique book. Hope that helps! :)