Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Info on "The Clique" DS Game!

Hey! There was a new article released on "Queen Teen: The Clique", the DS Game that is based on The Clique. According to the article, the players of the game will be able to customize the clothing, hairstyle, and shoes of their character as well as get a jobby to pay for the hottest clothing. To become an Alpha, gamers will get to play fun mini-games and exchange gossip. Also, the game has a feature where players can interact with people from their real-life clique! Sounds awesome :)
Here's a quote from the article:
"Along the way a variety of challenges and tricky situations make the climb up the social ladder tough including getting invited to one of the hottest parties of the year. Queen Teen: The Clique highlights the sassiness of the "The Clique" books and a few lessons in popularity exclusively to the Nintendo DS. Like the fans of the book know, the only thing harder than getting in, will be staying in!"
Check out the full article right here!

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