Friday, February 22, 2008

The Clique Movie at URI Campus!

An article came out on Wednesday about the Clique movie being shot at the University of Rhode Island. In the article, it is revealed that the filmakers are going all out for this movie, even though it is a DVD release. Scott Levine, a part-time instructor at URI was quoted as saying "A lot of times something that is going directly to DVD has kind of a dark quality about it, as if it were not as good. This is being designed for DVD, because it is being made for younger girls and there is a market for it."
So, we can be sure that the Clique movie will be just as good as a movie release in theatres. Also, in the article it is reported that Nancy Sadsad will be playing a parent in the movie. I have no idea if she will be the parent of a member of the Pretty Committee or just a parent in the background(like an extra). I was able to find her MySpace (located here) and judging by her pictures, she will probably be Alicia's mom or just a parent in the background. Anyways, the article was pretty cool as it had photos from the set and quotes from Ellen Marlow. Check out it out here.


Kitsch said...

What do you think of the new article, is it getting you excited to see the Clique movie? Post your comments here!

Anonymous said...

Is the DVD out to buy yet? That was NAWT clear on this page. If it is, I'll go pick up my DVD right now!!!