Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Pictures and Lisi Blah-g Update!

Hey, as you may have noticed, Ellen and Sophie have updated their main MySpace photos! Sophie's photo is with some unknown girls. I think they are Sophie's sisters and mother but I don't know for sure. Check it out:
Here is Ellen's main MySpace photo, with Ellen on the right and Samantha on the left. The two look very happy, as usual, so we can expect the girls to have good chemistry in the movie =D
Lisi has updated her blah-g, like she does every week =) This time her blah-g is about a speech that she will be making in Orlando to a " convention for 800 managers of Borders Bookstores". She includes a part of her speech in the post. Lisi said that certain parts of The Clique were inspired by working at MTV. For example, she wrote
I have countless examples of sitting in meetings and watching my coworkers send blackberry messages to each other while someone was pitching an idea. Seconds later they’d burst into fits of spontaneous laughter, making whoever was talking wanna run straight to the bathroom for a stall-sob.
That, of course, inspired Lisi to write the scene when the PC made fun of Claire on the way to the first day of school =) Anyways, go check out the whole update right here. Since the speech is probably going to be very nerve wracking, wish Lisi luck with it in the comment section of her site =D

Tons of people to thank for this post! Thank you to Lauren, Layla, Sami, Exur, Sam, and Shana for sending info in! =D


Kitsch said...

Do you have anything to say about the latest update? Then comment about it right here!

Sami said...

Ellen updated her MySpace photo again!

CliqueLoverrr said...

Hey !

I love the myspace pictures! Sophie has the COOLEST hair colour EVER ! ;) haha, i loveeee it! And it's a cute picture of Samantha + Ellen. Yeah, they have great chemistry ! :)

And I liked Lisi's blah-g... Nice treat that it was posted early, haha.

thanks !

Anonymous said...

Great post!!!!!! Thanks for the update!! wow that's really interesting, where she got the idea!

CliqueLoverrr said...

Oh, I totally forgot Bridget Mendler was in Alice Upside Down! But, I just remembered. And a few months ago I found a scene, and Bridget's in it! I'm not sure if you've posted it before. But if not, here it is:

:) Can't really see much of her face, but it's cool! And here's the trailer, if you haven't posted it yet. I think she has one or two lines in it ! :)

:D Yay. haha, but if you already have posted it then sorrry ! hah okay well thanks for the updates again!

cliqueloverrr said...

Hey! I love you blog but you need to get more updates! I mean i check your blog everyday and not seeing and update is disapointing and makes me not want to check your blog anymore!! Anywho cool update but you could have done better!

CliqueLoverrr said...

Hmm, i didn't write that last comment ? haha i don't know if someone was posing as me or just thought of the same name ! :S But that wasn't me - i love your site and i think you update so much and put great effort into it! ;) thanks for all your hard work, jeez, it must take a long time!

Kitsch said...

Ha, yeah, I didn't think that comment was you when I first read it =P
Thanks! =D It does take some time to do but I really like working on the blog.