Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ellen Marlow Site Update and Photo of Dylan!

Ellen Marlow has updated her official website! On the site, Ellen has posted a link to an old Clique article and photos from the article. I posted about the article a while ago but, it's still cool to see it on Ellen's site. =D Here's some of the photos that Ellen posted on her site:

Photos by Christopher Barrett =)

Also, Dylan, who will be playing Todd in the Clique, has updated his main MySpace picture. He also updated his MySpace by writing "gone for the weekend" and "going to be a guest speaker at proscout in anaheim". That's pretty awesome that he is going to get to speak at ProScout. =D Here is the ProScout website if you want to learn more about it. Anyways, here's that photo of Dylan:
Thanks to Alyssa for telling me about Dylan's photo =)


Kitsch said...

What do you think of this new post? Talk about it here! =)

Anonymous said...

Heey I was reading that article and I noiticed that they say and actor playing one of the girls parents, nancy sadsad said...etc but when i looked her up on google it shows her my space and it looks like shed be alicia's mom

Mattie Swift said...

I found clique pics on this Shelby Stanton's website-