Thursday, April 24, 2008

Many New Photos and New Casting!

Hey! Kayla has sent in a ton of new pictures of the Clique cast from MySpace! Here are these great new pictures:

This picture has been posted before but, this version is way larger =)
Sophie, Elizabeth, Bridgit, Samantha, and Ellen
Elizabeth, Sophie, Bridgit, Samantha, and Ellen
Tyra Banks and Samantha
Lisi Harrison and Samantha

As Lauren told me that two new characters in the Clique have been added to IMDB. The first character is a parent and will be played by Aaron J. Patton. He has been in The Musicbox, The Hit and The Living Wake. The part of a parent probably isn't that big but I think he'll be great. He is a photo of him from his offical website.
The second character added is Jenna who is played by Shelby Stanton. But, of course, we all knew this because of the great photos with the cast on her website =)

Also, as Lynda and Abby have informed me, Ellen has updated her main MySpace photo. I'm not sure if Ellen is the blonde in front but here it is anyways:
EDIT: Jia Jang pointed out that Ellen is probably the girl on the left, standing up and I think that may be right. =)

Cliqueloverr has sent in a two videos with Bridgit Mendler from Alice Upside Down. Check out the videos below:

So, a big thanks to everybody who sent in news! =D


Kitsch said...

Have any ideas or opinions on the latest post? Feel free to chat about them here!

♥Lauren♥ said...

if you go to juliana(contest winner) on sugarloots profile,she has pics of her and the cast.

Nattalieeeee said...

i lovee Elizabeth's yellow jacket. I wantt one. =]]

CliqueLoverrr said...

Woah! Big update! haha, i love ALL the pictures ! the girls are so beautiful and look so great together and TOTALLY MAKE THE CLIQUE ! they couldn't have chosen a better cast ! ;) thanks for the update!

♥Lauren♥ said...

I think Alicia is pretty compared to what everyone sais on IMDB.

Jia Jing said...

hi, i think i know which one is ellen in the photo tt is wth her frens. she is the blonde girl standing.

Kitsch said...

Thank you everyone! And jia jing, thanks, I added that to the post. =)