Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ellen on Cory in the House and New Picture of Samantha!

Hey, last night I was flipping through TV channels and was surprised to see Ellen Marlow on Cory in the House! The episode she was in was "Uninvited Pest" where she played an Up With Goodness singer performing at the White House =) I'm positive it was her because on her site she posted pictures of her and Kyle Massey while she was in her costume. Anyways, since I wasn't expecting Ellen to be on Cory In The House, I obviously did not record it. But, if I find a video of it online, I'll be sure to post it here so you guys can check it out =D

Here's the picture of Ellen and Kyle that I mentioned:
Also, a new picture of Samantha has been sent in to me. This photo is a picture of one of Samantha's ads. Here is that photo, with Samantha on the left:
As I had posted before, MASSIE has made it above Bratfest at Tiffany's on the bestseller list. Lisi has posted that list on her website, if you want to see the list yourself. To see it click here and then click on the first scan. =)

Thanks Sofia and Sara for sending things in! =D


Kitsch said...

What are your opinions on the latest post? Chat about it here! =)

Lucy (: said...

Hey, I don't know if someone has already posted this but i've found a video on youtube with samantha in it:
she's on the right in the blue t-shirt :)
Lucy x

CliqueLoverrr said...

SWEET! i wanna see the video, but it's not on youtube ! :( oh well, i'm sure it'll be there SOME DAY! Was it a major part ? because it's not listed on imdb, weird !

cute picture of Samantha, too! she looks really cute !

^^ cute video of her ! (in response to Lucy) haha, it's hard to tell it's her, but meh !!

thanks !

Kitsch said...

Thanks for sending the video in Lucy =)

Oh, and Cliqueloverr, Ellen's part wasn't very big. She was just a singer in a chorus. But, you could see her face and everything =) It probably isn't on IMDB because it was such a small part.

theclique said...

hey! iv been lookin 4 sumone on this website who likes da clique 2!!! i asked 2 b ur frend on youtube-plz say yes.

Cadence said...

omg!!! i sooo knew that ellen was on it. i was watching cory in the house and i thought i saw her. she had extra white-blonde hair. i tried to look for it online but couldnt find the episode. BUT I SOOO KNEW IT! congrats to myself on my good eye.=)) there's one scene where they close up on her face.

Anonymous said...

Shes really good singer though she used to go to my school but shes going to high school after summer vaction