Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bridgit Updates Blog and New Photos

Bridgit Mendler has updated her blog on her official site. She wrote about how this will be her last month of going to public school because
I’ve been keeping up a straight A average but it’s getting to be too difficult to fly back and forth to LA so often and having to miss so much class.
Also, she states that on Thursday she will get to see the Clique movie for the first time! The other members of the cast will be watching it on Thursday too as Bridgit wrote
I’m also so happy that I get to see my friends from the movie again!
I know we are all jealous of Bridgit right now but, she promises to update after she sees the movie so hopefully she'll tell us some cool things about it! =)

Also on Bridgit's site, she updated her projects section about the Clique. Read what she wrote below:

This movie was directed by Michael Lembeck, a amazing director and an amazing guy! The girls on the film were a ton of fun to be with as well. We shot in Rhode Island for five weeks with a week of rehersals before. It should be coming out this fall.

^^ From Bridgit's site

Ellen and Dylan have updated their MySpace photos. I really love Ellen's hair in her picture =D Dylan's creeps me out a little but, it's just the effects used on the picture. =P Anyways, check out the pictures below:A big thanks to Sara, TamZ, xxcliquex326, Samantha, and anonymous for things in! =D

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