Sunday, May 4, 2008

"The Clique" Mentioned In The Providence Journal

The Clique movie has been mentioned in an article in The Providence Journal! In the fourth paragraph of the article, the Clique is summarized and it gives quotes from Steven Feinberg about the possibility of more Clique movies. Feinberg's older quotes hint at more Clique movies being made but, his newer quote "I don’t know" isn't so promising =/ Hopefully, though, The Clique will do well so that we can see all of the books in the series in movies! Anyways, you can read the full article here. It's pretty cool even though they got Lisi's name wrong and called her Isis Harrison.


Kitsch said...

Any thoughts or comments on the article? Post them here!

Gill said...

I saw a photo of the cast on photobucket and i dont think youve put it on the blog here it is:

CliqueFan said...

Great article.At join the they changed the theme since it's Dylan Month.