Monday, May 5, 2008

Tons of New Photos And Dylan Month On Join The Clique!

Gill has found a new photo of the Clique girls on Photobucket! I looked on the album that uploaded the photo and found a ton more pictures of Ellen and the other girls. =) Check them out below!

Ellen, Samantha, Sophie, Bridgit, and Elizabeth

Ellen, Samantha, and Bridgit

Ellen and Michael Lembeck (The Clique director)

Also, Join The Clique has been updated with a ton of new things for the month of Dylan! There are downloads and an interview with Sophie and Kara, the Dylan cover model. Check out the site right here. Thanks to Cliquefan for telling me =) Also, remember that Dylan comes out tomorrow so be sure to go get your copy! =D

Layla has found two new photos of Elizabeth during a talent search in 2005. You can check them out below and on her site:


Kitsch said...

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Gill said...

yay!!!gill is me!!!!!