Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lisi Harrison Blah-g: Part 2!

Part 2 of Lisi's blah-g has been posted! Lisi didn't post an "After" photo of her hair because it was still in rollers. But, in this update is an interview with Sophie! In the interview, Lisi asks about Sophie's audition, filming the movie, and how she gets treated now. Here's a really great quote from Sophie:
“When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it. “- Into the Wild
I followed this advice, and I ended up filming The Clique. Who knows what could happen if you just reach out and grab what you want?

Read the blah-g post right here.
Thanks to Jia Jing and <3 for the tip!


Kitsch said...

Have any ideas or opinions about this update? Then post them right here!

Danielle said...

hi im new and im a HUGE fan of the clique.ive been looking at the updates,and i LOVE them,especially the ones with all the new pics (i really liked the one with them at ellen's party and the one of them jumping together!it really shows how they get along so well).
I'm REALLY sorry I never commented,cuz I never had time to comment.:( but at least now,ill try to comment as much as i can.
thanks soo much for the updates.i hope you know that i always come here for clique updates!!
p.s.i cant wait for the movie!!

the clique fan again said...

i agree with Danielle. I'm really pissed at xxCliquexx for stealing all of the information that you wasted so much time to find.

Anonymous said...

This website is the best!

Laurennnn said...

Dylan's mom's actress has been posted on IMDB! Oh, and i check this site daily for all the new info! I really love the pics and super excited for the movie to come out! Keep up the good work