Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lisi Harrison Blah-g Update: Part 1!

Lisi Harrison has made her weekly blah-g update. This is just part 1 of the update-Lisi will update again later with an interview with Sophie! Anyways, in this post Lisi put in a picture of herself before her hair getting darkened today. You can check out that picture below. Also in the update Lisi clears some things up that have been posted in the comments section. Here's a quote from the post about the Clique books:
Just because I write about skinny girls doesn’t mean I have a problem with other body types. Come awn! These are characters. They are meant to make you think. So please stop assuming that just because my characters are obsessed with weight, money, fashion… that I have a problem with girls who aren’t. If I wrote about a serial killer would that mean I am a serial killer??? I am merely shining a light on certain types of behavior and it’s up to you, the reader, to decide if you feel that behavior is rational or not.
You can read the full post right here.Thanks to Cliqueloverr for telling me about the update!


Kitsch said...

Any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^


The after post with Sophie's interview is posted. :)