Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mrs. Marvil Cast and "Taylor The Latte Boy"!

Hey! As you might have noticed, IMDB has added another actor to The Clique. Merri-Lee Marvil, Dylan's mother, will be played by Lisa Masters. Masters has been on the TV shows Hope and Faith, Law and Order and played Carol Wainwright in The Stepford Wives. I think she will be great as Mrs. Marvil because of all her experience and I can't wait to see her in the movie! Thanks to Laurenn, nlmx8, Sam and Sara for sending this in!

Also, an anonymous source has sent in a link to a video of Ellen performing "Taylor The Latte Boy"! You can watch it below or by clicking here. =)

Dylan Minette has updated his MySpace photo again with a new picture. Check it out below:
In other news, Bridgit Mendler Fans has been added as an affiliate! Be sure to check it out right here!


Kitsch said...

Any thoughts about the latest post? Then post them right here! ^_^

danielle said...

Hey Elizabeth has a new myspace pic!I luv it!It's her on a bicycle.
Anyways,I'm gonna go watch the vid and I can't wait for the movie!Every time a new person is cast,I get more excited :P.

danielle said...

Haha I just checked again and not only did Elizabeth change her MySpace pic,but Ellen and Sophie did too.You should check them out-they're really cute!
And I just watched the vid-Ellen is amazing! :D

isie said...

ellen updated her myspace pic :]

isie said...

elizabeth and sophie updates their myspace pics too

Anonymous said...

Did Ellen write that song? and where was she singing it?

Kitsch said...

Thanks Danielle and Isie! =)

Anonymous- No, I don't think so. A few people have sang "Taylor The Latte Boy" before. I don't know who wrote it though. =/
In the video description of the video on YouTube it says that it was sung at The VMA Pop Show in a middle school. =)