Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Many New Clique Photos and Samantha Interview!

A gigantic thank you to Abby, Kayla, and Layla for sending in new pictures of the Clique! Apparently, they found all these photos just by searching "the clique" on Photobucket. I'm not going to post all of them-that would take up way too much space. So, since this blog is about the Clique, I am just posting the ones that are clearly from the Clique set or have two or more "Clique people" in it. There are a ton of the photos so, before I post them I'm just going to give you the other news. =)
So, you remember how I told you that Layla was getting an interview with Samantha? The interview is finished and Layla has posted it on her site. You can check it out right here.
Also, I have added a new link to the sidebar to The Pretty Committee Official Blog. Thanks to Vanessa for the link!
Anyways, here are those great photos of the Clique!

The boy on the right looks like he could be playing Cam or Derrington but, I have no idea if he is even in the movie =P

This is probably the pool scene from The Clique =)

Maybe Merri-Lee Marvil (Dylan's mom) is the woman on the left?

Table 18??

Sophie is wearing that jacket in a photo on Join The Clique

This is my favorite! So cute =D


Kitsch said...

What do you think of these new photos? Post your thoughts here!

CliqueLoverrr said...

Hey! Sorry I haven't commented ! :(:( BUUUT, i love your past updates! I looove the new video you made, and the new pictures a few posts down! AND OF COURSE i loveeeed this update ! :D There are so many pictures, it's so cool! I love their hair / wardrobe - it's soo "The Clique!" :D Thanks!

And Lisi has a new blog, it's really good, but it's just part one! Can't wait till part two!

Well thanks and sorry, once again, for not keeping up with commenting after every blog! :(:(


Kitsch said...

Cliqueloverrr- It's fine =)
Yeah, I was really excited when I found the pictures. They are really cool =D
Oh, and thank you for telling me about the blah-g update!