Friday, February 22, 2008

The Clique Movie at URI Campus!

An article came out on Wednesday about the Clique movie being shot at the University of Rhode Island. In the article, it is revealed that the filmakers are going all out for this movie, even though it is a DVD release. Scott Levine, a part-time instructor at URI was quoted as saying "A lot of times something that is going directly to DVD has kind of a dark quality about it, as if it were not as good. This is being designed for DVD, because it is being made for younger girls and there is a market for it."
So, we can be sure that the Clique movie will be just as good as a movie release in theatres. Also, in the article it is reported that Nancy Sadsad will be playing a parent in the movie. I have no idea if she will be the parent of a member of the Pretty Committee or just a parent in the background(like an extra). I was able to find her MySpace (located here) and judging by her pictures, she will probably be Alicia's mom or just a parent in the background. Anyways, the article was pretty cool as it had photos from the set and quotes from Ellen Marlow. Check out it out here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Clique Casting Opportunities!

Hey! While I was surfing the web I came across a blog with information about Clique/Twilight casting. Here's some of the information that was on the blog about Clique casting.

[KENDRA BLOCK] Mid 30's to mid 40's. Massie's impeccable mother, wealthy but philanthropic and down to earth, Kendra is a responsible parent who does her best to rein in Massie, especially when it comes to how she treats Claire. ..LEAD
[JUDI LYONS] mid 30's to early 40's, Claire's mother, she's a warm, loving, supportive, down-to-earth person who wants to ease Claire's way into the new school and good-naturedly agrees to buy her a pair of skinny jeans that aren't in their budget. ..LEAD
[VINCENT] early 30's to late 50's. The school's flamboyant art teacher, sarcastic and tough, he cuts Claire no slack for being late, even though she's a new student. He sends her to the nurse's office as the result of a cruel practical joke on the part of Alicia. Later, he's seen in the cafeteria trying to get order after Massie starts selling her makeup line...5 speeches & 9 lines, 2 scenes
[ISAAC] early 30's to late 50's. Massie's kind and observant driver, who drives her and her friends to school, he's aware of her tendency towards cruelty and warns her to be nice to her new
housemate, Claire. He's empathetic when he sees Massie's treatment of Claire, and urges her to find some new friends at the school...Recognizable names welcome...1 speech & 8 lines, 4 scenes
[JAY LYONS] mid 30's to mid 40's. The father of Claire and Todd, married to Judi, recently relocated from Orlando, he's good friends with William Block, who's invited him to live in his guest house while he looks for a place to live in Westchester. He's a good dad who's very proud of his daughter's academic accomplishments...1 speech & 8 lines, 4 scenes
[WILLIAM BLOCK] mid 30's to mid 40's. Massie's wealthy and impeccable father, he reminds an oblivious Massie that he's invited his best friend Jay and his family to live in their guest house while they look for a house of their own. A businessman who lets his wife, Kendra, do most of the parenting, a somewhat tipsy William appears at the fund-raising auction at their home and threatens to sing "Ninety nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall" until the guests cough up the $1,000 they need to meet their goal...Recognizable names welcome...2 speeches & 4 lines, 3 scenes
[MRS. MARVIL] Dylan's pencil thin mother, she goes to the mall with Dylan and the other girls, and refuses to buy a pair of pants for Dylan unless Dylan gets down to a size 4...3 lines, 2 scenes
[SHELBY] This popular eighth grade girl at school asks Massie why she wasn't at her party over the weekend and later compliments Claire on her cool top...3 lines, 2 scenes (26)
[STUDENTS] These students in Dylan's Spanish class count in Spanish...1 line, 1 scene (33)
[MRS. ALVAREZ] Dylan's 7th grade Spanish teacher, she reacts when Dylan asks to be excused to go the bathroom...1 line, 1 scene
[YOGA INSTRUCTOR] This yoga instructor tells Claire where the nurse's office is...2 line, 1 scene
[NURSE ADELE] The school nurse, she wheels out an impressive rack of designer clothes from the lost and found for Claire to pick from when Claire's jeans are soiled...Recognizable names welcome...6 lines, 1 scene

And the address to send in your information is:
Harriet Greenspan Casting
201 N. Occidental Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

It may be outdated as Vincent has already been cast but it is interesting to read! =)

A Closer Look at Massie's Mannequin!

When I was posting the photo of Massie's mannequin I noticed something that I just had to share with you guys! You may have noticed three pictures of "Massie" in the background. I zoomed in on the picture and got these photos at their regular size. When they are this big, you totally tell that they are really Elizabeth, the girl who plays Massie. They probably asked Elizabeth for photos of her and picked out the "Massie-est" ones. It isn't a huge news story but I thought it was really cool to see small details like this! So, check out these pictures of "Massie"!

Lisi Harrison Reveals Clique Movie Secrets!

On her "Blah-g", Lisi Harrison has been writing all about the Clique movie. In a recent post she gave a lot of exciting details about the new movie. Here are some of the juicy details about the Clique Movie:
-The design staff of the Clique movie has been tailoring designer clothing for all the members of the Clique, as really expensive desginers never make teen sizes.
-Massie's mannequin will be in a white armoire for the movie. Lisi posted a picture that I have displayed below.
-The actress portraying the members of the Pretty Committee are getting along really well, they even went to the director's home and TP'ed it together!
-When the girls have to wait out in the cold between their takes, they get to put on these warming jackets that are pink, puffy, and really long.
-The dog, Dewey, who is playing Bean is really a boy! Talk about commiting to a role! Apparently, Dewey is even going a diet for this movie. =D
-Todd and the members of the clique are still kids so every day for three hours, they all go into the Block Estate's cellar for "school". Lisi reports that the teacher is keeping them busy with studying but they actually get to eat popcorn during class.
The biggest news that Lisi shares is that Entertaiment Tonight will be doing an interview with the Pretty Committee and Tyra! Lisi promises to share the date the interview will air as soon as she can. When it comes on I'll attempt to record it for you guys and give a link to it on YouTube. It is definitely going to be something that you don't want to miss! Here is the link to the full post by Lisi.
Anyways, here's a picture of Massie's mannequin:

Here's a picture of Lisi and Dewey/Bean:

Juliana Cast As....Someone?

Okay, so do you all remember the Sugarloot contest to win a part in the Clique movie? Well, Juliana is the grand prize winner! Lisi Harrison posted in the Clique Movie section of her site saying that Juliana will be "running lines with the cast of The Clique Movie". So congrats to Juliana for winning the part but nobody knows who she will play in the movie. Some think Juliana will just be an extra while others believe she'll be Olivia. But whenever I learn what part she gets, I'll be sure to post it here. =) Also, congratulations to the other contest winners as they will be on the DVD in the "Special Features". In her post, Lisi also revealed that Tyra Banks is the Executive Producer for the Clique movie and that the DVD will be available sometime at the end of 2008! She reported that in February they will begin shooting on the east coast. You can read the full post right here.

This is a photo of all the winners of the Clique Movie Contest. Juliana is the one farthest to the right.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mr. Abeley-Chris Conte

Chris Conte will play the role of Chris' and Layne's father. He has acted in "In The Tradition of My Family" and will appear in upcoming film "The Box". I have no idea how he will do in this movie but, I think pretty much anyone would be able to pull off this role. Mr. Abeley doesn't really have any quirks or a huge personality so Chris will most likely be fine. Nobody can seem to find a photo of Chris but I think I actually have found one of him! It is a still from the movie "In The Tradition of My Family". Since there are two adult males in the photo I boxed his face. =]

Vincent-Stephen Guarino

Stephen Guariono will play Vincent in The Clique movie. Many people have been wondering who Vincent is and I'll admit that I didn't even remember at first. But then someone informed me that Vincent was the snooty art teacher that sent Claire to the nurse when Alicia put red paint on her jeans. I'm glad to say that Stephen has plenty of acting experience so playing Vincent will be a breeze for him. Stephen has appeared in films such as L.A. Take-Out, The Year That Trembled, and Last Men on Earth. I personally have not heard of any of them but at least we know he has acted before. Anyways, here are a few photos of this actor.

Todd Lyons-Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette has won the role of Claire's annoying younger brother, Todd. Dylan has acted in many roles so he should have enough experience to play Todd with ease. In Saving Grace, Dylan played Clay Norman. Judging by his photos, Dylan will make a really good Todd. I can't wait to see him in The Clique movie. Here are some photos of Dylan:

Chris Abeley-Keli Price

Keli Price has scored the role of Chris Abeley. If you have ever watched The Naked Brothers Band you know who Keli Price is. He played Bobby Love in The Naked Brothers Band-Battle of the Bands. I haven't seen the Battle of the Bands but if you have seen it be sure to comment and tell me how he preformed in it. =) Many people are saying that Keli was a bad choice to play Chris. I have to disagree with all of them. Yes, he isn't how I pictured Chris-he's way better! I think he'll be amazing in the Clique movie. Some pictures of Keli are below.

Layne Abeley-Vanessa Marano

The role of Layne Abeley was given to the talented Vanessa Marano. Many roles have been obtained by Vanessa but her most famous role was on Gilmore Girls in which she played April, Luke's eccentric daughter. Since Vanessa has acted as a girl with a little bit of weirdness before, I think she will do great things with this role. Hopefully she will have a lot of scenes in the Clique movie. Below are a few pictures of Vanessa.

Alicia Rivera-Samantha Boscarino

Alicia Rivera will be portrayed by Samantha Boscarino in the new Clique movie! Samantha has acted as Gloria in the movie The Perfect Game, which will be released in August of this year. Also, Samantha is a member of a dancing/singing group called "My Allowance". Many people have been saying that Samantha looks too young to be Alicia. I personally think that she will do just fine as Alicia. There are only a few pictures of her online but hopefully some more will surface soon. Here are a few photos of Samantha:

Here is a video of Samantha performing "Finders Keepers" with her group, "My Allowance" (she is the one in white tights):

Dylan Marvil-Sophie Anna Everhard

Newcomer Sophie Anna Everhard has been given the role of Dylan Marvil. Not much is known about this teenage actress and she has not had many television roles. On her IMDB page (located here) Sophie is just recorded as being "9th Grade Girl #1" in an episode of Zoey 101. Hopefully, Sophie's lack of acting experience will not interfere with her performance in the Clique movie. There is only one photo of Sophie available online right now but it is a very nice photo. I think she looks a lot like Dylan in it. For some reason I have a good feeling about this girl and I thinkg she will do really well in the Clique movie. Here is the only picture available of Sophie at this time.

Kristen Gregory-Bridgit Mendler

Congratulations to Bridgit Mendler for getting the role of Kristen Gregory! We can expect Bridgit to do great as Kristin as she has had a lot of acting experience. She has acted on General Hospital as Lulu's daughter in a dream that Lulu had. Bridgit has also played the part of Pamela in Alice Upside Down. Bridgit's official website is located here. Here are some photos of this actress:

Massie Block-Elizabeth McLauglin

Elizabeth McLauglin has been cast as Massie Block in the Clique movie. On Ugly Betty, Elizabeth plays Lindsay, the viscous leader of a clique. Which is a great coincidence as she will portraying an alpha again in the Clique movie! Elizabeth doesn't have an offical website but she does have an IMDB page (here).I can't tell quite yet but I think that Elizabeth will make a great Massie. Right now, there is only a few pictures of Elizabeth available but when more are found I'll be sure to post them. Those pictures are below:

Here is a video of Elizabeth performing as Lindsay on Ugly Betty:

Claire Lyons-Ellen Marlow

The part of Claire Lyons has been given to Ellen Marlow! This young starlet has had a lot of acting experience. She was Jemima Potts in the Broadway production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and in Quid Pro Quo, Ellen played Young Fiona. Personally, I think that Ellen is the perfect Claire. Ellen looks just the way that I had pictured Claire! Her official website is located here. Below are a few pictures of the new Claire, Ellen Marlow:

The Clique Movie Information Opening!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here I will be posting all the news, gossip, and rumors surrounding the upcoming movie "The Clique". Over the next few days I will be posting updates on who got the parts in the Cllique! Check back here often because every time there is something new happening with this movie, I will post an update! Hope you enjoy it! =)